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Once Upon a Rainbow tells the story of a curious, young river otter floating happily on her back on a clear mountain stream. Her name is Mazie, and there’s no place she would rather be than at home in the beaver pond with her family and friends.

One day storm clouds roll in, and when
the sky clears, a dazzling rainbow appears. Mazie has never seen a rainbow before, and she asks herself a question we’ve all wondered at one time or another: What’s at the end of
the rainbow?

Mazie leaves her pond to search for the
answer, and along the way she discovers
that she can count on her community
of friends and her own perseverance.
She also learns that there can be many
answers to the same question. But for
Mazie, there’s only one answer.

Honeysuckle Press is a small publisher of children's books in Boulder, Colorado. Honeysuckle Press is proud to announce the publication of Once Upon a Rainbow, a delightful children's story about a river otter who tries to find the end of the rainbow. The book was published December 2006.

Once Upon a Rainbow conveys a timeless story of friendship and family love that is sure to warm the hearts of children and parents. You and your child will delight in this uplifting story, full of whimsical fun. This children's book contains beautiful and detailed illustrations of animals and nature created with pastel, watercolor, and pencil by Boulder, Colorado, author and illustrator, Jenni Tierney. Parents, teachers, and children will appreciate the educational supplement at the end of Once Upon a Rainbow that contains fun facts about the animals in the book and their tracks. The supplement includes detailed descriptions about the habits and habitats of river otter, red fox, deer, bald eagles, beavers, black bear, raccoons, barred owls, moose, and elk along with beautiful drawings of their tracks.

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Once Upon A Rainbow received a bronze medal in the Children's Picture Books category at the 2007
Independent Publisher Book Awards held June 1st.

Once Upon a Rainbow received received a bronze medal in two categories, Children's Picture Books/All Ages and Best Illustrator from Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, November 2007.

34 pages, 12" x 10.25"
Jacketed hardback
Published December 4, 2006
ISBN 13: 978-0-9787716-0-7
ISBN 10: 0-9787716-0-5