About Jenni Tierney


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Jenni Tierney, the author and illustrator of Once Upon a Rainbow, the new children's book published in December 2006 by Honeysuckle Press, was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She grew up close to nature on her family’s farm in the Ozark Mountains. College brought her to Colorado and it has been her home nearly ever since. Jenni lives in Boulder with her husband Terry, twin daughters Mackenzie and Jessica, and a barnyard of animal friends.

Time spent together in the outdoors continues to be at the center of their lives. It was on a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains when a family of river otters captured Jenni’s heart. The inspiration for Jenni’s first children’s book comes from her daughters, and reflects her passion for nature and the treasure Jenni has found in her own family. She’s very fond of rainbows too!