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Parents, teachers, and children will appreciate the educational supplement at the end of Once Upon a Rainbow that contains beautiful illustrations of animals, fun facts about each animals featured in the book and illustrations of the animal tracks.

Following is a sample of what you'll find:

RIVER OTTERS are champion swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for up to eight minutes. They have natural nose plugs—special muscles they close when diving to the bottom of rivers and ponds to search for food. Otters use their webbed feet like paddles and their powerful tails like a rudder to steer. They even know several different swimming strokes. Their oily fur is waterproof and dense— with as many as one million hairs per square inch! Otters love to play and spend endless hours sliding down riverbanks, then racing to the top to slide down again.
RED FOX pups are born in the spring, when the mother fox gives birth to a litter of two to ten pups. Both parents help care for them. The pups are helpless and do not leave the den at first. When they are about two months old, they start to venture out from the den. Fox pups love to nap in the sun and play. They crouch and pounce, they stalk and chase and wrestle each other. This play is good practice for hunting. When they are about six months old the young foxes will live and hunt on their own.
DEER feed in the early morning and early evening. They nibble grasses and leaves, twigs and branches — sometimes standing on their hind legs to reach up high. Deer eat quickly and swallow their food almost whole. Later they find a safe place to lie down to chew it. Deer are ruminants, or cud-chewers, and have a special kind of stomach where food is stored and softened. The deer then brings up a wad of partly digested food, called a cud, and chews it completely before swallowing it again and digesting it fully.

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